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As I write, my laptop is running a full release of Windows 10. The interface is pretty cool (as Luke agrees, he’s running 10 on one of his computers already as well). Having the start menu back is a breath of fresh air. Microsoft’s virtual assistant/search tool (Cortana) is really helpful to have on a laptop/desktop platform, though it definitely doesn’t work as well as Siri or OK, Google.

Overall, I expect Windows 10 to be a great upgrade, and well worth the effort for most users–eventually. But not yet.

When you dig a little deeper, discover the new and very phone-like notification center. Having rarely used Windows phone OS, this area reminds me of the swipe-down heads up menu from Android–at a glance are your latest emails, security alerts, app updates, and more. Microsoft has also done a very nice job with the revised settings pane, although the control panel still exists in much of it’s original functionality.

So overall, I expect Windows 10 to be a great upgrade, and well worth the effort for most users–eventually. But not yet. Because in the process of the half dozen computers we’ve worked with so far, the experience is rather buggy.

On one computer, for example, the start menu had crashed, and even after multiple reboots, wouldn’t open. (We had to use some command line firepower to fix the problem.) Some computers seem to run faster after the upgrade, others start out painfully slow. Windows update seems overloaded, and so you may need to leave the machine on for a number of days to get the latest updates. Another computer locked up mid upgrade and had to be rescued via a disk from Microsoft.

In short, yes, Windows 10 is great. But our recommendation stands–hold off upgrading your primary systems for a few months. If you’re not pretty technical yourself, it’s a good idea to have someone who is help you out, or better yet, we can upgrade your computer at a pretty low price. With the full resources we have available as a Microsoft Partner, you can have peace of mind for your Windows 10 journey.

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