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Have you heard the news? Since Microsoft’s issues with Windows 8, everyone has been looking forward to a new operating system planned for release late next year. We’ve been calling it Windows 9 along with most of the internet. A recent Microsoft conference revealed some new details about this new operating system, the most startling of which is the name: Windows 10!

Apparently, the name “Windows 9” doesn’t work because of it’s similarity to two really old operating systems, Windows 95 and 98. “Windows One” was another option–like the X-BOX ONE game console–but that didn’t work for the same reason: computer code can refer to 1.0 as the very first Windows built by Bill Gates.

We don’t know very much about how Windows 10 will eventually look. Microsoft has released an early development build to technicians, so we can make some educated guesses. Excitingly, you can expect a start menu in Windows 10! It will be about 50% like in Windows 7, 50% “live tiles” (read windows 8). Take a look at the image above for a peak.

Internal sources in Microsoft are currently speculating that the software giant may be considering Windows 10 as a free or inexpensive upgrade to Windows 8 users (maybe 7 as well). And while I wouldn’t raise your hopes, it does make purchasing a Windows 8.1 computer this holiday season seem more prudent.

The release date for Windows 10 is “late 2015” , which I’d expect to mean October or November. Or, Microsoft could delay like they’ve done many times, and we could see Windows 10 in Feb 2016.  Regardless, there’s a lot of good developments going on, and Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 will be better than Windows 7 and 8.1 combined.