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Freedom Club Terms of Service

What we agree to do for you:

PotterVilla Applied Technology, LLC (Henceforth referred to as PVAT) will provide the following services to you as part of your club membership:

  • Services and software are provided for up to 3 computers and 3 mobile devices.
  • Hourly services not included in Freedom Club membership will be rendered at a $10 / hour discount. So, services normally priced at $45 / hour will be billed at $35 / hour.
  • An unlimited amount of phone and email support provided on an as-available basis.
  • Remote diagnostics and on-screen support. Included remote access services cover issue diagnostics, adware removal/computer cleanup (If possible via remote), minor training and/or repair (as determined by the technician), as well as other services on a case-by-case basis. You may be billed for services or support calls that exceed 1 hour. By accepting remote services on your computer, you agree to have a program installed that allows PVAT to access your computer(s) while unattended.
  • You’ll receive a subscription to an expanded “Freedom From Frustration” newsletter via print, email and web. Not all articles are available on all mediums. Newsletters typically go out on a quarterly basis, but delivery is not guaranteed.
  • Quarterly training seminars will be offered at the PVAT office (or other assigned locations) on interesting and important topics. Classes may be canceled due to lack of RSVPs, attendance, or extenuating circumstances.
  • If you commit to a 1 year subscription of the Freedom Club, PVAT will provide you with a 1 year subscription to a premium antivirus program, either an active protection program to replace your existing antivirus (if applicable), or a secondary security monitoring program.
  • We will also provide two forms of backup:
  • Yearly offsite recovery image
  • Synchronous online backup (up to 100GB—additional storage available for an added fee)
  • Adware removal & computer cleanups provided remotely (if possible) or in store. Cleanups that involve entrenched viruses or advanced malware removal, or systems that require Widows re-installation are billed separately.
  • A yearly setup/checkup service call for your computer, offered either on-site (in district) or at the PVAT office.
  • Services are provided at our discretion, but shall be prompt and satisfactory.

Payment information:

  • You agree to pay the Freedom Club subscription fees in the period you select. Your payment options are:
  • Monthly subscription, no contract — payment by credit card only. Some features or software may not be included.
  • Monthly subscription, 1 year commitment — payment by credit card only.
  • Quarterly subscription, 1 year commitment. Payment by credit card, or prepay with cash or check.
  • 1 Year subscription. Prepay with cash, check, or credit card.
  • Early cancelation fees may apply for 1 year commitment plans, based on PVAT’s actual outlays on your behalf.
  • All credit card payments are non-refundable. Service concerns may be resolved with a credit on account.
  • You can also join by purchasing a prepaid card at a participating retailer.

What you agree to do:

  • By participating in the Freedom Club, you agree to release and hold harmless PVAT and any employees or contractors from any liability, claims, or demands related to loss or damage of property or person, regardless of the cause, to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • You acknowledge that any claims or promises listed above are provided on a discretionary basis, at the option and availability of PVAT.
  • You also acknowledge that any promises or claims of services, particularly backups, are as-is and best-effort, and do not make any guarantees. The safety or availability of documents or other property stored in backup solutions is not guaranteed.
  • To facilitate services, you agree to allow PVAT to install software on your computer.

Things that can change:

  • PVAT reserves the right to modify and update these terms of service any time and at our discretion, to append additional agreements, or make other changes. You may or may not be notified of changes to the agreement, but it shall be made available to you upon request.
  • PVAT also reserves the right to modify or terminate the Freedom Club program at any time for any reason. Any credits or refunds due (if applicable) will be issued as credit on account.