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Ed: as we’re getting back into writing articles, look for this new column featuring computer related stories and tips about things that aren’t worrying or controversial!

Bing–Microsoft’s search engine–has become famous for their daily full screen background images. Even if you prefer a different search engine, it can be worth checking out the Bing homepage. Similar to Google’s famous “Doodle” of the day, the Bing background image generally gives you a great feeling before you start your search.

Microsoft has brought that eye for beauty to Windows 10 with their desktop themes library. Of course, themes have been around since Windows 7, but the quality and experience has really matured with Windows 8 and 10. Take a look at all the themes available here:

The latest version of Windows has introduced Lock Screen images from Microsoft as well. These pictures aren’t part of a theme or background package, but are similar to the Bing homepage. You’ll see a rotation of images, and the selection seems to change every week or so. You can of course turn these pictures off, but it’s a good example of how Microsoft has incorporated imagery deeper into Windows with version 10.

Overall, this is a good thing. People are staring at their computers far too much in today’s world, and a dose of beauty and nature is a good thing!