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Anthem Insurance, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, Target, Ebay, Sony Pictures, Staples, and UPS were all victims of high-profile hacking breaches in the last year. Internet data security has become critically important, even for big companies with lots of resources. You are no longer safe by only shopping at “trusted” stores. If you don’t proactively protect your personal information, it’s almost guaranteed that hackers will get their hands on it. With virus and malware activity reaching new heights, it’s time to pay attention.

Here at PotterVilla Applied Technology, we’re serious about the risks to your data and personal information. For several years now, I’ve been presenting talks about computer security and preventative maintenance. And while many folks benefit from information alone, most people need more concrete support to reach a baseline of security.

Corporate giants respond to cyber threats by expanding their IT resources. As a consumer or small business, you don’t have a full time IT department to protect your interests. In fact, if you don’t have a strong IT background yourself, you need someone trustworthy to help keep you safe online.

This need for ongoing support is why we’re excited to offer a new service called the Freedom Club to fill gaps in your technology defense. The Freedom Club is a subscription computer service plan that covers all your support, security and backup needs. Freedom Club is designed for individuals, families and home-based businesses, covering up to 3 computers and 3 mobile devices.

Freedom Club bundles security software, a backup solution, adware removal, computer cleanup, information resources and unlimited technical support into a $20/month or $240/year package. We’ll give your PC, Mac, or mobile the TLC it needs so you don’t have to worry anymore. Experience freedom from the frustration of owning a computer.

If you’re concerned about your online identity, computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you’re invited to a free event sponsored by the Freedom Club. Join us at Fay’s Evelyn Bay on Tuesday, February 17th @ 6:00 p.m. for a practical information seminar on maintaining, securing and protecting your technology. We’ll begin with a multimedia presentation outlining maintenance procedures and then follow up with additional details about the Freedom Club.

Bring your questions, enjoy Fay’s great atmosphere and menu, and learn how you can experience freedom from frustration in today’s world of insecurity and worry! If you’re unable to attend this Tuesday, another Freedom Club Expo is scheduled in Eaton Rapids on March 31st, or catch us in booth #80 at the Eaton County Home and Business expo in April.

If you have any questions about this event, the Freedom Club, or computer problems, please contact me at (517) 588-3030, or visit!

Jonathan Potter
PotterVilla Applied Technology